Are Alcohol Offenders Overcrowding Your Jails and Prisons?


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Spartanburg County Sheriff Addresses Severe Jail Overcrowding With SCRAM CAM

The Spartanburg County Detention Facility uses SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in its alcohol offender management program to promote 24/7 accountability, protect the community, save taxpayer dollars, and ease jail overcrowding.

While the facility strives to “provide a humane, safe, secure, and sanitary detention and incarceration for both pre-trial and sentenced offenders (90 days or less),” the reality is that the jail is severely overcrowded on a fairly consistent basis. The jail’s daily capacity is 586 inmates, but that number typically hovers around 800 inmates, reaching as high as 915. Admissions average 52 new detainees per day, but can reach over 100 on any given day.

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