Are Alcohol Offenders Overcrowding Your Jails and Prisons?


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Our flagship technology, the SCRAM CAM system is the world’s most widely used and trusted 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing system, for use with high-risk, hardcore DUI alcohol offenders. It combines 24/7 alcohol testing with optional house arrest monitoring in a single device.

The three components to the SCRAM CAM system are:

House Arrest

The house arrest functionality that is built into the SCRAM CAM device is one of the most technically advanced on the market today. Features and benefits include:

Reduces agency workload by streamlining enrollment and scheduling

  • Requires no dual data entry and set-ups
    • Database automatically consolidates clients
  • Lets you flexibly enroll clients and assign equipment for:
    • CAM only
    • CAM + house arrest
  • Defaults agency settings to the client level
  • Automatically copies daily schedule information to reduce workload
    • Repopulates with the default schedule until you make changes
    • Lets you view past schedules to review or modify

Confirms the offender’s curfew compliance with expanded daily reporting features

  • Continually checks for offender’s presence in or absence from the home
  • Delivers Daily Summary Reports to your e-mail
  • Provides you with multiple Immediate Notification methods and features
    • Fax, page, phone, and text messages
    • Delayed and incremental notifications
    • Agent-level notification methods
  • Includes curfew events in Non-Compliance Reports
  • Provides enhanced delivery options for Daily Summary reports

Provides multiple alert-notification methods

  • Enables expanded Immediate Notification options
    • Text and fax

Strengthens supervision while reducing labor

  • Lets you send messages to the base station to communicate directly with client
  • Enables customizable dashboard views
    • Alert-centric or client-centric


For more information about how SCRAM CAM works, play the video or download the SCRAM CAM Product Brochure.

Transdermal Testing

When an offender is convicted of DUI, domestic violence, or another alcohol-related offense, a typical condition of sentencing or probation is that the individual must stop drinking. To enforce this, courts traditionally looked to random testing methods (blood, breath, or urine) that measure sobriety at a specific “point in time.”

However, one of the more effective advances in alcohol testing is continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring, meaning alcohol content is measured “through the skin.” Transdermal testing measures the concentration of alcohol present in the insensible perspiration that is constantly produced and given off by the skin. If an offender has been drinking, it shows up in the level of ethanol vapor present in this insensible perspiration.

Compare the advantages of transdermal over random testing »

Continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring – the foundation of SCRAM CAM – has been confirmed by the scientific community and is based on more than 70 years of research and 22 peer-reviewed studies. SCRAM CAM is an accepted and integral part of offender alcohol monitoring programs within courts, probation, treatment, and correctional agencies.

The science of transdermal monitoring has also been accepted in evidentiary hearings, and has been admissible in many court cases across the country.